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What will they say next? Category: Uncategorized

We understand that we have our competition so scared that instead of talking about what they do, they are making up stories about us!

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Finally! Category: Uncategorized

They say "Good things come to those who wait!"

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Come grow with us! Category: Uncategorized

Our family is growing! The building has been a buzz with activity. Lots of new furniture and beautiful decor being delivered creating wonderful homes to be loved. 

The seeds of a new community planted many years ago are sprouting. New friendships are being made and common interests found. Del, a Founding Families member of our community, is leading our new "everyone welcome" Bridge Club. 

After all all of the feasting over the holidays, everyone was ready for some physical activity!

We are happy to see new faces in our twice weekly fitness classes. Loreli Urquhart, owner of Alter Ego Fitness, has enough experience to customize exercises for every individual. This, plus a good sense of humour and passion for natural health make Loreli's classes a hit. 

Another wonderfully funny community member is calling bingo on Wednesday evenings! And the big screen is getting a work out in the theatre. Our bright hallways will be adorned with art in the coming days. 

Today the ground was prepared for our future community garden. We are growing and every day brings something new! Today is called the present because it is a gift. Come see what surprises tomorrow brings. Call 250-478-4431 to come see us.

Cherish at Central Park piano lobby entrance senior living

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