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Here is the information for the Westshore's fundraiser of the year!  Proudly put on by Cherish Community Living in support of the Goldstream Food Bank!  Please spread the word so we can help those less fortunate in our community.



Who is a highly respected business woman by day, wears a hard hat and steel toed boots with flair, wears the love of her community on her sleeve and is a super hero in disguise?

It is MICKY FLEMING, President and CEO of Cherish at Central Park, the new senior living residence on the corner of Jackin and Jenkins opening on November 1, 2017!

Join Micky (also known by her super hero name - Silver Wings) and her Cherish Champions (Dr. Dignity, Professor Elder Advocate, Senior-ita The Age Avenger, Powerhouse Pebbles, Six Pan Pete The Culinary Cowboy and Maetro the Magnificent) as they fight hunger for our West Shore Community.

Micky will be placed in a cherry picker and will not come down until 1 ton of food is collected for the Goldstream Food Bank!

How can you help?  Drop off your non-perishable food items to our bins on Friday, October 6th at SD 62 on Jacklin Road.

What we can do together as a group is truly amazing!  Let's help those less fortunate in our community have a happy Thanksgiving!

When:  Friday, October 6th starting at 7am

Where:  School District 62 parking lot (3143 Jacklin Road) on the west side.  You won't be able to miss Micky in the cherry picker!

A special note of gratitude goes out to the Superintendent and staff of School District 62 for allowing us to use their property; thus making this event possible.  THANK YOU!

Thank you to  Richlock Rentals fo the use of their cherry picker.  Thank you to Steve Harrhy of Alpine Group for te collecting and delivering of the food donations to the Goldsteam Food Bank.

Cherish at Central Park - (250) 478-4431