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Perhaps that is why we are so thrilled to see our landscaping being finished - only a year after we opened - OMG we thought our builder would never finish, but they almost are....

Onward and upward, our landscaper has described our grounds as a "mini" Butchart Gardens. The spring will bring camillias, roses, hibiscus, tree lilies, cotton candy grasses, mock orange and many more beautiful blossoms through the seasons.

Our landscape architect, Keith Grant, has helped create us create a garden to delight the senses and tantilize the taste buds; beautiful blossoms will bring butterflies and birds and the fruit fresh picked from the trees will be made into jams, jellies and sauces in our Cherish kitchen.

Best of all, our community garden awaits your ideas and experience with the earth. Come garden with us.

All-inclusive supportive living suites available from $2,795. Call me to find out more.