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What will they say next?

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Firstly, there are NOT problems with our building. Heatherbrae builders was slow in finishing the Deficiency work, including irrigation sleeves, which is why our landscaping was delayed. Heatherbrae owes us 11 downspouts and a couple of other small items.

Secondly, we DO NOT HAVE BED BUGS. In fact we require every new resident to get a "pest free" certificate from a licensed pest control agency.

Thirdly, we ARE NOT bad managers. The first building we did was full with a long wait list for the last 9 years, regardless of what the market was doing. Just yesterday a resident stopped me in the hall way and said she had finally put a word to the feeling in our building - "love" - what more can you ask for.

Fourth, we DO have pictures on our walls. Great care has been used to choose large prints of local landscapes.

We have called them on it, and will be deploying "secret shoppers" to keep them on the straight and narrow.

Please come by and see for yourself or talk to someone that lives here.