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People often ask me why I left a large, publically funded, well known retirement company to come and work for Micky Fleming at Cherish Community Living.  My answer is always the same, "Have you MET Micky?!" 

It was February 2017 when I started to do some serious soul searching.  I contemplated that working in private industry was where I was always the happiest and where I felt the most job satisfaction.  I wanted to stay working in the retirement industry as that is what I truly believe is my vocation in life.  Simply put - I LOVE SENIORS.  I did my research on Micky Fleming and the more I read and the more people I talked to about her, I KNEW I had to meet her.  Never before in my life did I instantaneously have that feeling that this is where I HAD to be!  The rest is history AND we are MAKING history!  I have someone who genuinely loves and cares for seniors as much as I do. Micky isn't all about money and profit - she is all about being ethical, honest and doing the right thing.  How many people have you worked for in YOUR life that have the same values?

So....I am VERY glad I hitched my wagon to this maverick and her shining star.  Together with our team of Cherish Champions we are going to CHANGE the way people look at retirement living.

Stay tuned.....

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