Cherish Community Living

Free Rent and Interior Design

They say every cloud has a silver lining.

Our cloud has been our builder. They have been incredibly slow in finishing our building - sad but true! 

To get us back on track, we are offering a special promotion.

The silver lining is for people that move in between now and March 1, 2019 who will receive their first month's rent free. What are the strings? Well, your first month is free if you live with us for a year. That's it.

As an extra perk for this promotion, our on staff Cherish designer, Karen West, is available to help with the transition into your new Cherish home.

Placing furniture and accessories, from a previous home, can be a challenge for many home owners. We have innovative ideas and solutions for moving into smaller spaces. 

We will help you decide what current furniture will fit in your new apartment without making the space feel closed in and crowded. Karen has over 20 years experience helping people turn spaces into warm and welcoming homes, and has two hours of design time available for you once you sign up to make your move to Cherish.

If you need more help, we can assist with selling your old home, moving, unpacking, setting up, placing accessories, lighting arrangements, and other decor choices which are just some of the additional (fee based) services we provide.

Choose Cherish instead! We are ready to welcome you to your new home.